How To Build A Water Level Controller Using Arduino Development Board

Welcome back again, today we will be doing a simple project that can read water level display it on an LCD. And/or perform a certain action. Before we begin I’d like to point out that this little project I will be demonstrating can be accomplished by analog system. So if you just want to cut-off water or any liquid supply at a certain level there is a standalone mechanism that can do just that for you. That been said I will like to point out the disadvantage and advantages of using a micro-controller over the analog counterpart. Comparison between analog and digital water level controllers Analog Digital Cheap Moderately higher… Read More

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A Compilation of Arduino Project Topics for Engineering Student

What is Arduino I need an Arduino project topic If you need a project topic read on if you need an explanation on what is an Arduino. You can read the article here Or you can carry on to reading to find interesting project ideas. This post will help guide you for the selection of the final year project. Therefore we came up with a list of project topics to help as a guide. Keep in mind that the project topics list here will require a little bit of creativity to present a unique topic for your institutions. Below is a list of some project topics. The topics presented here… Read More

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